Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bovary Socks

I dyed up a bunch of new colorways last fall for the SolidSocks December Knit-Along. This is a great group of knitters on Ravelry.com, and I've sponsored one of their KALs before, last spring. Because I hand paint all of my yarn, it's a bit of a challenge for me to dye semi-solids that fit their guidelines of no multiple colors, pooling, or intentional striping, but I was happy with the colors I came up with to fit their purple theme. This is Bonibel, Black Raspberry, Wild Lilac, and Wild Grape:

Along with sponsoring the KAL, by donating a couple winner's choice prize skeins, I also joined in! I decided on the free pattern, "Bovary", by General Hogbuffer for mine, with my Morning Bright Organic Merino/Nylon Sock in Wild Lilac. I love them! Beautifully written pattern, and a perfect fit. I highly recommend!

I'll be back to sponsor a SolidSocks Mystery Knit-Along in May/June. I'm super excited for that one, as I've never participated in a mystery KAL before. Hope some of you can join in!

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