Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Angora Rabbits

Here are all our Angora friends! They're all so sweet and lovable - I'm very proud to call them mine...or am I theirs? :)

Gracie ~ German Angora
Pretty Fiona

Handsome Bob ~ English Angora
River grooming Fiona



Beautiful Petunia
Konnor and Lily

Delilah ~ Black German/English/French Angora

Calla ~ German Angora

River and Calla                              
Baby Earl
Baby Bob
Tawny ~ Fawn German/English/French Angora
Lily ~ German Angora


Earl ~ Blue-Eyed Tort English Angora
Me and my Gracie                              

River and Petunia

Ivory, Fiona, and Angus

Baby Fiona and Baby Gracie

Baby Gracie
Me and my Walter

Beautiful Petunia ~ English Angora
        Walter's first haircut 

                                              Baby Walter                                             
Walter ~ 93/7 German/English Chestnut Agouti Angora

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