Wednesday, November 26, 2014

StarPainter Shawl Pattern

Susan Elizabeth has designed another absolutely gorgeous shawl pattern with Morning Bright yarn! The StarPainter Shawl is knit with two skeins of our Organic Merino/Nylon Sock. Susan asked me if I could dye two colorways for her original, based on the colors of Vincent Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night", and I came up with "Starry" (to represent the sky of the painting) and "Night" (to represent the town below). Here's my daughter, River, modeling mine

I'm proud to have been a part of Susan's fabulous idea! Here's a shot of my shawl blocking, with Van Gogh's painting below

Susan has also published some fingerless mitts designed with this same yarn. They're called the StarPainter Fingerless Mitts and are available for free until November 27th! I'm casting mine on today - I'll post them when I've finished  :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Free Pattern! Firecracker Shawl by Anastacia Zittel

Here's a beautiful (and free!) crocheted shawl pattern designed with Morning Bright yarn! Anastacia Zittel used one skein of my Holistic Merino DK for the original pattern, named the "Firecracker Shawl". I used my 80/20 Organic Falkland Islands Merino/Nylon Sock in "Granite" for mine. Here it is, modeled by my beautiful daughter, River

This is a quick, easy pattern - great for beginners. The pattern calls for a size 5.00m (H) hook and DK yarn. I used a size 6.5mm (K) hook and heavy fingering weight yarn for mine and love the results - what a versatile pattern! It's also super easy to make it larger or smaller. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blue Tabby

I’d like to announce a special new hand painted colorway from Morning Bright called “Blue Tabby”

This color was inspired by one of the three feral kittens I found in my backyard this past month and have been bottle feeding. They’re around 6 weeks old now and are doing great. The inspiration for “Blue Tabby” is the only girl of the three, who we actually found more than 2 weeks after finding her brothers. She was around 4 weeks old, sopping wet, dirty and crying and came running up to my husband while he was out near our woods. He named her Blue.

I live in rural Maine and didn’t realize how terribly huge the population of feral cats is in our town. After finding these kittens I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the very special and generous people in our area who rescue and care for them. Most belong to a local non-profit group called the Cat Coalition of Western Maine. My heart goes out to these cats - Maine is an extremely harsh environment for feral kittens to grow up and the mortality rate is disturbingly high. For the ones who make it, their lives are typically short and difficult.
The Cat Coalition fosters feral kittens, and traps/neuters/releases adult cats. They also work hard to educate the public about this increasing problem. So I’ve decided to donate 100% of all profits from the sale of my colorway “Blue Tabby” to the Cat Coalition of Western Maine. I’ve currently got it available on my Holistic Merino DK base, and plan to dye it on my other bases soon. You can find it in my Etsy shop! And, as always, if I'm ever sold out, or you’d like to order more than what I’ve got available, or on another base, please feel free to message me.
Here's a fantastic pattern I knit up in "Blue Tabby" and another customer favorite, "Sand Dollar"

The pattern's called "Temple Cats" and was designed by Suzanne Frary. The brim is worked with a knitted braid and the cat design is stranded in the round. Frary states, "This pattern is suitable for intermediate knitters. The directions assume that you are familiar with stranded knitting". I found it fun and interesting and fairly quick. And I love the results! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Aral Sweater Pattern

The wonderfully talented Paulina Popiolek has designed a beautiful knitted sweater using Morning Bright Holistic Merino DK! Paulina describes Aral as "a casual oversized pullover. It features pretty cables on front and back.

And a little cable running along the sleeves.

It is knitted sideways with dolman sleeves and minimal shaping. A perfect every day use garment for the autumn/winter season." Paulina's sample looks absolutely stunning knit with my soft neutral colorway, "Sand Dollar".

Congratulations Paulina for creating such a masterful pattern! I can't wait to knit mine  :)  And I hope you all will check out Paulina's other patterns, too, including some gorgeous shawls and hats. 

Images are copyright Paulina Popiolek and are used here with her permission  :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sky Rim - Free Handwarmer Pattern!

I asked my 13 year old son, Konnor, "what's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?" and he answered, "Skyrim". My son's a wonderful artist and I'm so happy he can recognize and appreciate the art in this truly gorgeous video game, but from that moment on I vowed to put my son in front of as much real life beauty as motherly possible. Recently we climbed a mountain in Maine and stood on top, looking out over the serenely blue mountains in the distance. The sun was low and the clouds were shards of pure silver. My son took a long deep breath of the cool late summer air and then said quietly "now that's beautiful".

I had whipped up these little, boxy fingerless mitts just for occasions such as this - hiking, camping, hot coffee early in the morning by the lake. And after that day on the mountain with Konnor, I decided to name them "Sky Rim". I've written out the pattern and I'm offering it for free. 

I used less than half a skein of my Holistic Merino Aran in "Peace and Quiet" on US size 7 needles. These handwarmers are a quick, seamless knit in the round. Here's a printable version of the pattern. I hope you enjoy!

Sky Rim
by Becky Foster

Yarn: Morning Bright Holistic Merino Worsted (175 yds/100g), approximately 50g in "Peace and Quiet"

Needles: US size 7 double points or circulars with a cable long enough for magic loop

Gauge: 18 stitches and 28 rows over 4" stockinette, unblocked

Notions: 2 stitch markers, scrap yarn, yarn needle

Size: women's medium

CO - cast on
st(s): stitch(es)
k - knit
p - purl
p2tog - purl 2 sts together
pm - place marker
m1r - increase one st by inserting left needle into bar between the just worked st and the next from back to front, and k through the front loop
m1l - increase one st by inserting left needle into bar between the just worked st and next from front to back, and k through the back loop
sm - slip marker
kfb - k in front and again in the back of st
BO - bind off

Left Mitt:
CO 36 sts using the Twisted German Cast On (there are many instructional videos for this CO on I like this one - Join to work in the round and begin Granite Stitch Rounds.

Granite Stitch Rounds:
round 1: k around
round 2: p2tog around
round 3: k and p into same st around
round 4: k around

Repeat Granite Stitch Rounds 1 more time.

P 1 round.
K 3 rounds.

Thumb Gusset Setup Round:
Left Thumb Gusset Setup Round: k4, pm, m1r, k1, m1l, pm, k to end of round

Gusset Increase Rounds:
rounds 1 and 2: k around
round 3: k to marker, sm, m1r, k to next marker, m1l, sm, k to end of round

Repeat Gusset Increase Rounds until you have 13 sts between markers.

Next round: k to marker, remove marker, place 13 sts on scrap yarn with yarn needle, remove marker. Join to work in round and k to end of round.

Next round: k4, kfb, k to end of round

K two rounds.
P one round.

Work Granite Stitch Rounds 2 times.

BO purlwise.

Transfer the 13 gusset sts to needles and pick up 3 sts from base of thumb.

K one round.
P one round.

Work Granite Stitch Rounds 2 times.

BO purlwise.

Right Mitt:
Work as for left mitt until Thumb Gusset Setup Round:
Right Thumb Gusset Setup Round: k to last 5 sts, pm, m1r, k1, m1l, pm, k4.

Work as for left mitt until you've joined the round after placing gusset sts on scrap yarn.

Next round: k to last 4 sts, kfb, k3

Continue on as for left mitt.

Weave in ends with yarn needle and do a happy dance!

Becky Robbins

I'd love to see your finished handwarmers! Email me a pic at or come share in my "Morning Bright" group on

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alban Hefin Scarf Pattern

Susan Elizabeth has designed another beautiful pattern using Morning Bright yarn! This one's a scarf/shawl called "Alban Hefin". It uses just one skein of Holistic Merino Fingering or 80/20 Organic Falkland Islands Merino/Nylon Sock. I knit mine with Sock in "Peace and Quiet".

It's an interesting pattern, but easy and memorizable enough for knit night or television knitting. Alban Hefin is a light, lovely and versatile scarf that's sure to get lots of use!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Manchester Slouch" Free Hat Pattern!

The Manchester Slouch is a quick, simple hat I designed for my mannequin to wear in my booth at this year's Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had so many inquiries that I've decided to publish the pattern. It is knit in the round, seamlessly, from the brim up with approximately 50 grams of DK weight merino yarn. The finished hat is blocked over a dinner plate to make a light, breezy slouch. It's an easy knit - just be mindful of those yarn overs!

"Manchester Slouch"
I also have a printable pdf version here:

medium adult woman/teen

Morning Bright Holistic Merino DK (240 yards/100 grams)
Main color: approximately 30g "Lupine"
Contrast color: approximately 20g "Rarity"

20 stitches and 27 rows over 4" in stockinette with larger needles, unblocked

Suggested needles:
I used US size 6 and 8 circular needles on a 16" cable for the brim and body of the hat, and a longer cable for magic looping at the crown. You could also use double point needles.

The hat will seem small, but remember that it will be blocked over a dinner plate, which will stretch it considerably.

Other materials:
You will need a ruler/measuring tape, a tapestry needle, and a dinner plate. I used a 10.5" diameter plate - I wouldn't recommend using one smaller, but a little larger would be fine.

CO - cast on
mc - main color
cc - contrasting color
pm - place marker
st(s) - stitch(es)
k1p1 - knit 1, purl 1
kfb - knit into the front and back of the st (increases 1 st)
yo - yarn over
k2tog - knit 2 sts together
k3tog - knit 3 sts together
#x - repeat # times

Beginning with the brim on smaller needles, CO 88 sts with mc, pm and join into round (being careful not to twist sts). Work k1p1 rib until brim measures 1.75" from CO edge.

next round: *k3, kfb* - repeat from * to * around - 110 sts

Switch to larger needles.

Mesh round: *yo, k2tog* around - 110 sts

Repeat Mesh round until hat measures 3" from CO edge.
Cut mc and continue with cc until hat measures 5" from CO edge.
Cut cc and work Mesh round for 1" with mc.

Decrease rounds (with mc). Switch to magic loop or double points when sts become too tight to work on circulars:
round 1: *[yo, k2tog] 4x, k2tog* around - 99 sts
round 2: *[yo, k2tog] 3x, yo, k3tog* around - 88 sts
round 3: *[yo, k2tog] 3x, k2tog* around - 77 sts
round 4: *[yo, k2tog] 2x, yo, k3tog* around - 66 sts
round 5: *[yo, k2tog] 2x, k2tog* around - 55 sts
round 6: *yo, k2tog, yo, k3tog* around - 44 sts
round 7: *yo, [k2tog] 2x* around - 33 sts
round 8: *yo, k3tog* around - 22 sts
round 9: *k2tog* around - 11 sts

Cut yarn and use a tapestry needle to weave end through remaining sts on needles, tighten firmly. Weave in all ends.

Wet block hat over a dinner plate - stretching the mesh and centering the crown. Allow to dry and enjoy!!

~Becky Foster, Morning Bright Yarn & Fiber Company

I like how it looks unblocked, too :)

And here it is in "Granite" and "Rich"

I'd love to see your finished hat! Email me a pic at or come share in my "Morning Bright" group on

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rafu-Sen Shawl Pattern

I'm so excited to announce a new pattern designed with Morning Bright yarns! Susan Elizabeth has worked her magic and designed a beautiful and wonderfully constructed shawl she named "Rafu-Sen". I've knit mine with less than two skeins of my Holistic Merino Fingering in the colorway "Lion". Here's my lovely daughter, River, modeling it

It's an easy knit, with textured stripes to keep it interesting. It was written with instructions for making colored stripes, too. Susan's a fantastic pattern writer with very clear and easy to follow instructions, including stitch counts after each row. I'm honored that she chose to design this with Morning Bright yarn!

Also, my Etsy shop will be closed this week from Wednesday 7/23 - Monday 7/28 while I'm vending at the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire. This is shaping up to be an absolutely amazing 5 days of workshops, shopping, and fiber fun - I hope some of you will stop by booth #405 to say hello!

Monday, April 21, 2014

WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill

I've spent the last couple of months conspiring with my good friend Sally Harney, owner of WinterBrook Farm & Fiber Mill in Oxford, Maine.

Sally and her husband, Jim, bought their farm in 1974 and raise Romney sheep and process their wool into a soft, wonderfully fluffy roving on their 100 year old fiber mill.

I recently purchased some WinterBrook Romney roving in natural, undyed shades of chocolate, gray and buttery-white and handspun it into these light, airy aran weight skeins. These skeins are available now in my Etsy shop, and I've included photos of the sheep who contributed the wool - "Allie", "Joe", and "Angel".

I've also worked with Jim and Sally to produce some beautiful hand dyed roving. First, Sally scoured the fleece of her sweet Romney sheep, "Babyface", then I took the wool to my studio and hand dyed it. I brought it back to WinterBrook and Sally and Jim ran it through their carder in such a way as to produce this very special bi-colored roving. Romney wool is medium-fine and very easy to spin - perfect for beginners and super fast for production spinners! Here's "Juicy" and "Tide Pool". I'm selling these by the ounce.

I'm so proud to be collaborating with these hard-working farmers. And my son Konnor was happy to visit WinterBrook Farm with me the other day - who doesn't love bottle-feeding lambs??

Here's Sally - everywhere that Sally went the lambs (and dogs) were sure to go :D

And here's another new baby born on the farm this spring. I'm excited and happy to be supporting this wonderful farm and providing you all with their fibery goodness!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Denmark Sheepfest 2014

I spent a lovely afternoon recently at the Denmark Sheepfest in Denmark, Maine. Held every year on the third Saturday of April, this fun event kicks off the fiber fest season for those of us in southwest Maine. Originally organized in 1995 as a place for local shepherds to bring their sheep for shearing, it's grown over the years to include many wonderful vendors, displays and demonstrations.

There were lambs and baby goats to cuddle

And a master shearer was on hand

The sheep seemed relieved to be free of their winter coats

In the Denmark Arts Center, across the street from the shearing and skirting activities, were spinning demos

And some super impressive bobbin lace

Lots of vendors, beautiful displays and some food and drink made for a merry time for this community of fiber enthusiasts!

The next fiber event I'll be attending will be the Maine Fiber Frolic June 7 & 8 in Windsor. This is a larger event, with workshops, contests, food booths and loads of fiber vendors, entertainment for the kiddos, sheepdog demonstrations and more! I'll be peddling my wares in the rabbit barn - come by and say hello!

Monday, March 31, 2014

I knit some wonderful designs this winter. Here's a few of my favorites:

"Reverb" by Tanis Lavalee, in my Organic Maine Wool, "Winekist". This one was a lot of work! But totally worth it. It's so warm, I wear it as a jacket, even on really cold Maine days.

"Caramel Slouch" by tincanknits, in my Holistic Merino Aran, "Country Roads". I love this pattern! I turned it into more of a beanie by shortening it up. It fits wonderfully.

And last, but certainly not least, "Magical" by Elena Nodel, in my Holistic Merino DK, "Aurora". I knit this for my daughter, River. She's so happy with it - here she is modeling it

Also, it's almost time for our next monthly drawing for a free skein of yarn! This Thursday, April 3, at 4pm EST we'll draw the lucky winner's name. Every member of our Ravelry group, "Morning Bright", is automatically entered. See the thread "Monthly Drawing" in our group for more details!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

FREE YARN! My New Year's resolution is to give away a free skein of yarn every month by randomly drawing a name from my Morning Bright Ravelry group members list - winner's choice of any skein available in my Etsy shop and free shipping anywhere in the world, too! To join my Ravelry group, go to, join Ravelry if you haven't already (it's awesome and totally free!), click the "groups" tab and search for "Morning Bright", click "join this group" and you'll be automatically included in every month's drawing!

Here's some of the yarn I've been dyeing up lately:

"Renaissance" - Organic Merino Fingering

I knit Melissa Schaschwary's "A Time To Reap" with this

"When I See Birches" - Holistic Merino DK

I knit Heidi Kirrmaier's "Pipit" with this yarn. I used some of my Handspun 100% Angora, in "Delilah", for the collar.

"Strawberry Wine" - Holistic Merino Aran

I knit "Antler Hat" by tincanknits with this. I used my Handspun 100% Angora, in "Delilah", for the brim.

"Katahdin" - Organic Maine Wool

I knit my husband Stephen West's "Windschief" with this colorway.

Happy New Year Everyone!