Monday, July 22, 2013

My first blog post! Hoping this will turn out to be a good place to share all the exciting things that are going on here at Morning Bright - we're growing so quickly lately!

Today I've got a new addition at our Etsy shop to share. I've been selling drum carded batts at the local venues all summer, but today I've finally listed a bunch for sale for my online customers. Introducing "Fluffy Watermelon" -

These are 50/50 Angora/Organic Merino, 2 ounces each. I've currently got 5 listed for sale, but have, I think, about 5 more to card and will list them as they come off the carder! Here's the link to my Etsy shop.

The angora I used in these batts came from my beautiful, sweet German Angora rabbit, Lily -

I shear my rabbits with scissors every 3 months, with no harm befalling the rabbits whatsoever. They just sit peacefully in my lap while we listen to soft music, and then get to enjoy a nice hop- and skip-about in their much lighter coats when we're through!

So, there's my first blog post :) If there's anything in particular anyone would like to see me write about, just leave a comment or send me a note at Thanks for reading!

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